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We have developed this page to assist you in any way we can. Many hours went into the development of these apps and hopefully, you will experience no difficulty. However, if you do, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do everything we can to resolve any problem.

If you are using an iPod or iPod Touch, your download is via WiFi, not the internet, thus the speed the app loads is determined by the speed of the WiFi.

Confirm that Location Services are turned on.  Go into your Settings folder >  General folder > then confirm that the Location Services are turned on.  In more than 95% of the emails I receive, this seems to be the problem with the app not loading.

If Location Services is turned-on and the app still does not work, please uninstall FirstMate®/HuntMate®/FishMate® and then reinstall the app.  In a couple of situations we've discovered that when an owner uninstalls the app and then reinstalls, it works perfectly.

In a few cases where we've heard from owners, when they turned the device off completely, and then turned it back on, it seemed to reset the app and it begin working properly.

Are you running the latest IOS update from Apple?  If not, please update your IOS and try the app once again. IOS update

The Big'Uns/Trophies/SLOB page is used to record the photo and information of your capture.  When you first open this screen, it is blank.  Once you add a picture, from your Camera Roll, there will be pictures for you to see. Here, you can record all the particulars (location, weapon, lure, etc.). You will also be able to email/Facebook/Twitter your pictures.

If your issue is not resolved, with the information listed here, please click on the appropriate button below, to send us an email. Be sure to let us know which “i” product you are using (iPad/iPhone/iPod/iPodTouch).

Also, if you have a suggestion, which you think would improve our apps, please let us know!

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