S.L.O.B. - Use the S.L.O.B. page to store photos and important information about your catch.  Including what lure you used, where you caught your fish, and the length & weight of your catch.  Plus the weather conditions from when you create the S.L.O.B. page will be stored.

After you record your S.L.O.B., you’ll find a Google map with the GPS location (longitude and latitude coordinates) below the screen.  This is to help you find your way back to your “secret spot”, and with Geo-Tracking you can touch the pinpoint on the Google Map to find your way back to your "secret spot" from anyplace on earth.

Also, when you tap the "Share" button, you can email a copy of your S.L.O.B. to your fishing buddies, while still on the water! We’ve even included links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that you can brag about your catch directly to your ‘social networking’ friends.

Tide Chart - Every saltwater angler knows the importance of following the ‘tides’.  Now FirstMate makes it easier for you.  When you click on the Tide Chart button you will see the times of the High & Low Tides for areas that have tidal reporting stations.  Or, you can check on the Tides by programming in an area, by either zip code or the name of the city you’re interested in.  *If the area you're interested in doesn't have a Tidal Reporting Station then no tide data will be given for that location.

Fishing Industry News - The latest in new fishing products from rods, reels, lures,boats and motors on this page.

Fishing Tips - Every few days, that are assured of helping you catch more fish the next time you go out on the water!

I.G.F.A. News - Keep up to date on the latest in world-record catches from the International Game Fish Association.

Recipes - Want to know how to cook your catch?  Then be certain to check the Recipes Folder every few days to find new, exciting, and different ways to prepare your catch for one or a hundred.

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Fishin’ Times - Everything you need to plan your next trip:



Major & Minor Feeding Times

Current Moon Phase


You even have the ability to change the date and location of your future fishing trips so that you can see what the Moon Phase and the Major & Minor Feeding Times will be days, weeks, months in advance.


There are even different saltwater species of fish shown on each day of the week, for your enjoyment. 

Weather - Current Weather Conditions for your area, today’s forecast, tonight’s forecast and the forecast 

for the next six days in your local area or any area you choose. 


We even include the current temperature, humidity level, dew point, wind chill, heat index, wind direction and barometric pressure.


Also included on the Weather page is a Color Radar Screen that allows you to see any approaching storm fronts for 100 miles around you.


In addition, we also have a Barometric Pressure Chart showing a line-chart of the barometric pressure readings beginning at midnight, to your local time.  Now you never have to wonder if the fish are biting, because you know whether the barometer’s been rising, falling or steady.  

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